Devra Patton West, Devra Adi Maa, Rishi Devra



1991 to 1994       Devra West’s Alias Unknown.


Nadine Pierro

Email from student during this time.


Ex-student who witnessed unstable and deceptive bahaviour from 1990-1994.


1995 to 2005       Devra Ji


AJ White

AJ White statement

Barbara Constantino

Barbara Constantino statement

Cheryl O'Brian

Email from bookkeeper about shortage of funds to pay employees and misappropiations of funds

Deborah Coffey

Deborah Coffey Statement

Dr. Pat Cole

Statement made on first custody hearing.

Esther Michaels

Message to Esther Michaels from Patton West

Remuneration & Expenses for Esther Michaels


Ex-Student speaks about the early days and the deterioration of Devra's mental health.

Ingrid Smith

Ingrid Smith's statement

Joseph Costantino

Defrauded out of $10,000 in pay and overtime. and went to the Labor Board.

Letter John Watson wrote to Pam McDaniel, Compliance Specialist, Dept of Labor & Industry.

Judy Morris

Email telling of students mortgaging their homes and getting into financial debt to donate.

Kathleen Francisco

Letter to Devra West about wrongful dissmissal and possible court action.

Lou Chalmers

Lou Chalmers writes about being wrongfully dissmissed and witnessing abuse of other employees.

Rebeka Edminster

Rebeka writes about the abuse administered on her and an assistant, and how Devra West blamed her for causing Devra to have Cancer!

Sharalynn A. Roche

Email from Sharalynn A. Rocha who saw and experienced serious and flagrant unethical acts.

Tanya Hurley

1. Statement #1 from Tanya Hurley who was West's Personal Assistant from 2002 - 2003

2. Statement #2 from Tanya Hurley who was West's Personal Assistant from 2002 - 2003

Devra West

It will be your privelege...


2006 to 2011       Surya Ma


Anandra, ex-student & staff

Ex-student retracts statement sharing how she was forced to write damaging statements about whistle-blower & how Devra Patton West personally edited Anandra's statements presented in lawsuit.

Betsy Blank

Formal resignation of Controller of Surya Ma Enterprises because of Devra asking her to manufacture false invoices.

Ex-employee giving more information about Betsy Blank's resignation.

Carlida Finch

Email from Carlida. She described herself as Devra's lackey.

Carlida's Statement.

Carlida Finch - Notice of Determination

Carlida Finch - Request for Determination

Carlida Finch - letter from the Office of the Flathead County Attorney (dated Nov 13 2006) letting her know that there was nothing they could do.

Ex-Student Elaine

Ex-student Elaine discusses West's bragging about her not needing bank accounts because all her wealth were in things such as jewels.

Jamie Haywood, ex-daughter-in-law

Original plea for help (English not corrected)

Excerpt of Court Testimony talking about violence between Devra West and her son.

Jenny - A friend of someone beat up by Devra West


Jeremy Samuleson, ex-business partner of Jack West, who loaned Jack and Devra $10,000 and never got it back, wrote a letter to the whistleblower about Devra manipulating Jack, who was a timid man and was soon overwhelmed by her.


John Mark-Young, former employee and witness to abuse and mind control tactics

Statement to Flathead Police in Montana


Rebecca West, abused former Office manager reports on what went on behind the scenes

I'm in Danger

Help Me!

Letter of No Contact

Explosive letter that describes the abuse meted out on Dr. Pat Cole and also about Devra West's rages against staff.

**Letter shared with Whistleblower that Geoff Reynolds consistently lied for Devra West to 'protect' his CPA license, even though female employees were being physically and verbally abused.

Comment Devra West made to Rebecca West in an email she wrote to Rebecca on 5 march 2007 entitled 'Key Note.


This email is full of the kind of brainwashing bullshit Devra West uses on her victims but the message is clear!

“Stay and face the enemy once and for all. It is a good day to die.


RE: The Serpent's Tail


Pat's Records ATTACHMENT TO FL CO Sheriff's

Letter to Rebecca West from Whistleblower referring to conversation with Flathead Police.


Email sent to Cult Followers justifying brutal assault on Dr. Pat Cole MD

The Law of Severity on the Path of Purification

Devra West claiming Copyright on 'The Law of Severity on the Path of Purification' to try to stop it being shared!

Cult members, Dr. Julio Williams (1 & 2), Geoffrey Reynolds CPA (1, 2, 3 & 4) & Jack West (1) deny assault on Dr. Pat Cole even with Devra's letter to cult admitting assault and that it was SEVERE!

Devra West denying in court that she assaulted Dr. Pat Cole

Former employee, Brett Jauhola writes to WF Pilot slandering Whistleblower and Dr. Pat Cole and also claims that audio excerpts of former employees and victims are "fictitious". (They were before his short tenure with Devra West)

Dani Osbourne, cult member, food server at events and Devra West's massage person claiming that Surya Ma aka Devra Patton West, now known as Rishi Devra (!) is not a "Guru" or running a cult!

Dr. Pat Cole's Aunt wrote to Whistleblower.

West's Stepmother asks for help getting money back from Devra Paton West

Stepmother's email about loan that Devra said she'd pay back once she received $30,000,000 CPEA Govt. grant!

The Whitefish Pilot

Whitefish Pilot July 2007    

The Bigfork Eagle

Bigfork Eagle August 2007

An Analysis of the Whitefish Pilot and Bigfork Newspaper Articles

Ravalli Republic

Ravalli Republic

Daily Mail

Read the Daily Mail News Article; you will see that around the arrest of this individual the police and news reporters all attested to the occurrence of many ‘supernatural’ phenomena.

Guru Magazine

Sage of Sedona: Inside the Cult of the Rishi

Sedona Cult Watch

A Memorial for Lalita Jordan, Devra's victim.

EXPOSED: Devra Patton West


2013 to 2017 Rishi Devra

Devra West begging for money with a fake GoFundMe Campaign

Rishi Devra aka Devra West's ramblings that only those disciples prepared to commit 66% of their net worth will be permitted to accompany her to the promised land.

Devra Patton West claims to be the victim of Securities Fraud.

Devra West manipulating student to set the intention of giving her inheritance over to West.

Delusional Devra West claiming to be the Regent of the Ascended Masters!

Graphic of Ascended Masters that Delusional Devra West thinks she's Regent of...


Various Documents:

West's Known Aliases

Revocation of Certificate of Authority

Sheriff's Sale Essex vs Patton

Brazda Life

Wells Fargo vs West

Judgement whistle-blower was awarded against Devra Patton West

Award granted to whistle-blower concerning fraud lawsuit

Several victims complained to Flathead Lake Police Department about Occult attacks from Devra West in 2007.

The Universal Teachings of Wisdom.

Comments about the cult that Devra Patton West trained in and molded her cult from.

‘Donations’ made by Tanmayo to fund totally non-existent projects.

Devra to Tanmayo: 'Give Me Your Gold'

Letter Devra West sent to actress Linda Gray.

Defamation of John Watson by Patton West and her Accomplices.

Propaganda Piece sent by Devra Patton West to Email List.

The whistleblower, John Watson, set up the Peace Promise Initiative in 2002. That non-profit did not exist in the year 2000.


Montana Employment Opportunities.

Sedona Employment Opportunities.


Sacred Sundays with Rishi Devra.


Jack West's Letter to Immigration Authorites showing Employment of John Watson

Millennia Mind Corp ID Pkg

Millennia Mind Guarantee

Millenneia Mind Business Cards

Devra West's letter to Mr Tabarachi

Tina MacGregor - CBA Response to Complaint

Reynolds Summons DV-10-316

Reynolds Complaint DV-10-316B (2)

Reynolds Resume on his web site as at Dec 29 2018

A Chronological Analysis of Geoffrey Reynolds’ Involvement in Patton West’s Cult / Criminal Racketeering Gang Between 2006 & 2014.  And the crimes he willingly participated in between those dates.


Corinne Coffin AKA Tanmayo.  Brazilian Heiress Previously Kidnapped and Held to Ransom

Dr. Julio E Williams MD - Is He Mentally Ill or Just Corrupt? You Decide!

Dr. Julio Williams - More than enough Evidence to Jail Him.

Rat Reynolds CPA. Cult Murders One Planned, One Asttempted and One 'Successully' Executed?

Geoffrey (Rat) Reynolds CPA - Agreed to be Complicit in Cult / Gang Murders to Save his Marriage & CPA License?


Betsy Blank's Resignation

Rebecca West's series of emails - Help Me.

Email sharing Geoff Reynolds' lies.

What is Your Status?

Help Me with Devra West


72A DC 08 195 1

72B DC 08 195 2

72C DC 08 195 3


Devra West Summons DV-10317A

Devra West Complaint DV-10-317A

Jack West's Statement.

Complaint against Dr. Julio Williams MD.

2019 Nov 14 Complaint Dr. Julio E Williams - Part 1.

2019 Nov 14 Complaint Dr. Julio E Williams - Part 2

Complaint against Geoffrey Reynolds CPA.


To FBI Etc. 12 Apr 2021

2021 April 11 Complaint Against Dr. J E Williams MD

2021 April Complaint Against Geoffrey Reynolds CPA


DA - 08 – 0259 Mathew West d/b/a Top to Bottom Construction (Plaintiff) V Devra West & Chris Haywood (Defendants). Neither Devra West nor Chris Haywood participate in the court proceedings choosing to ignore them.  Eventually the court gives default judgement to the plaintiff at which time both mother and son suddenly engage in the process and appeal.  The appeal is denied and the plaintiff was granted judgment.

DV – 05 – 31 Chris Haywood (Plaintiff) V The Travelers Indemnity Company of America, Auto Owners Insurance Company (Defendants).

In his submission to the court Chris Haywood asserts that he sustained serious injury and that he was likely to have medical issues going forward that would incur future medical costs.  The submission also states that Chris Haywood had settled with one insurer in the amount of $50,000 and was seeking another $50,000 in this action from the defendants.  In addition, after having obtained custody of his infant daughter from his first wife, Kendal, after his mother Devra West had mounted a campaign of character assassination, false witnesses and violent intimidation against her, Chris Haywood was claiming $400 a month in child support from his ex-wife on the basis that he was disabled.

And yet their next door neighbor in Lakeside MT where Chris Haywood and his mother were living stated that she saw Chris Haywood ‘wake boarding’ up and down the lake shortly after the accident occurred?  Please follow the link to listen to her audio statement where she asserts that he is definitely not disabled, was wakeboarding and mowing his lawn etc. 

Chris Haywood's Criminal Record


Custody Hearing between Chris Haywood and Jaimie Haywood

Transcript Pages 1 - 70 July 12 2007

Transcript Pages 71 - 140 July 12 2007

Transcript Pages 141 - 170 July 12 2007



Devra West Conviction for Assault Court Documents

Arrest Warrant D West - Avis car rentals

Criminal Check Fraud Arrest Warrant


Warning to the Public! Rishi Devra Present Day Job Offerings!


Devra Patton West Missing Artwork & Valuables

Art Moving Sale

List of Artwork & Valuables belonging to Charity

Under oath in October 2009 Ms. West stated in her statement that while she recognized the list of artwork and valuables drawn up by Whistle-blower and her bookkeeper in 2002, she stated that these items no longer existed and were never her own.

On her current website, on the 'art gallery' page: art work and valuables, that very closely resembles the items stolen from the charity.  She cannot explain how she has all of these assets, unless she won the lottery and bought all of those items sometime after giving her deposition statement in October 2009.

Art Moving Sale 1
Art Moving Sale 2
Art Moving Sale 3
Art Moving Sale 4
Art Moving Sale 5



Liar for Hire, Geoffrey Reynolds CPA in his pleadings in court, asserted that whistle-blower had defamed him beween 2002 and 2006 when in reality, Reynolds did not travel from Arizona to work for Devra West in Montana until early 2006! This is called PERJURY.

Protocol to be Observed by Staff at Devra Patton West's House

Devra West's ridiculous claims about her own achievements (including asserting that she was single handedly holding open the gates of time and that the Christ awarded her two doctorates to her in person.

Missive entitled ‘Financial Form Building’ which extols the rank and file members to give 66% of their net worth to the Occult Thief.

Students took out loans for Devra West after being told, “They would be closer to God.”

Devra West's Criminal Business Model.

Statements of denial from Senior Cult Members Dr. Julio Williams MD, Geoffrey Reynolds and Jack West.

Statement from Devra West - "Be Informed Know the Truth"

Statement from Devra West - "Watson Extortion Conspiracy Unravels"


In 2005, shortly after the whistleblower issued legal proceedings against Devra West for fraud, Williams co-authored with Dr. Pat Cole MD (the same doctor who would be terrorized later by Devra West!) and another student, a defamatory statement posted on West’s website, basically character assassinating the whistleblower and painting Devra West as a saint!

Statement about Bookeeper/'Controller' who resigned rather than make up FALSE invoices showing
Dr. Pat Cole owed money to Devra Patton West. Also describes abuse of Pat Cole at West's hands.


Devra West was creating the illusion in her brochures and online, that she was a wealthy guru (endorsed by Williams). In actual fact, Devra West, as explained in the Whitefish Pilot news article, was penniless, with a lien against her for unpaid employment insurance, and was being evicted from two rental properties in quick succession!  This did not stop Devra West, who appeared in court on July 12, 2007, claiming that her businesses were multi-billion dollar affairs!

List of Devra's so-called Fabricated & Fictitious Employees


Dr. Pat Cole made false statements for Devra West in the custody hearing of her son, Chris Haywood and his first wife, Kendall.


Beatrice McGuire

Deborah Coffey Statement

JW Response to 9 Sept 2002 Beatrice

Letter from JW to DW about Beatrice McGuire 9 Sept 2002

West's Response to Beatrice 10-29-2002


To Julio E Williams MD 24 February 2021


Entity Information on Omni Institute