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Note this web page should be read in conjunction with other web pages on this website i.e. The Fake Bio, The Lies, The Crimes, The Narcissist, Evidence of Insanity, Fake Miracle Cures, Fake Career Opportunities and Fake Testimonials.


If you have studied these web pages, it is likely that you have come to the same conclusion as us… which is that Patton West is criminally insane.  We are not sure which came first; her criminal tendencies or her insanity, or were both always present together?  Apparently, Patton West’s brother spent several years in a mental institution before passing. So, clearly there is a history of mental illness in the family.  Before sharing details of that weapon and how it has underpinned her criminal racketeering business model for the past 28 plus years (and enabled her to avoid prosecution for murder and lesser crimes) we want to emphasize that Patton West had criminal tendencies well before 1990, as the diagram below makes clear. 


The Rishi, Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Devra Adi Maa, Omniawakening,

Above: Devra Patton West - her ascension from drug dealer, con artist and bankrupt to Planetary Regent.  All made possible by the clever use of occult knowledge as a weapon.  A weapon used by a dangerous psychopath to rob, defraud, extort and murder right under the authorities noses while promoting herself as the Regent of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Western Hemisphere!


According to two victims, Patton West was defrauding individuals ‘one at a time’ as far back as the 1980’s.  Jeremy Samuelson attests to being defrauded out of $10,000 and remembers Patton West as a person who, and I quote, “Was willing to do whatever to achieve her ends.” Another victim, Satya, was defrauded out of $6,000 in 1990. Her memory of Patton West was, and I quote, “A brilliant, powerful, manipulative, delusional psycho/sociopath.”


So Devra Patton West, “Was willing to do whatever to achieve her ends,” and, “A brilliant, powerful, manipulative, delusional psycho/sociopath.” Fed up with picking victims off one at a time Patton West needed to solve the age old problem of how to commit crime on an industrial basis and avoid being prosecuted.


Patton West, a prolific abuser of banned drugs was already embedded in the ‘new age’ community so it was a short jump from there for the egomaniac / narcissist / psychopath to want to become a guru.  After all, gurus control the lives of their followers and Patton West was into controlling others’ lives big time.  However, just being a guru was not going to enable her to achieve the criminal goals she had set for herself.  What Patton West needed was a ‘weapon’ a weapon that was a double edged sword in that she could wield it dazzle and attract the ‘sheeple’ (the spiritually confused) into becoming members of her cult but also used to achieve her criminal ambitions.


The weapon Patton West sought was acquired between 1991 & 1992, while she attended the ‘Robert Jaffe School for Energy Mastery.’ It appears that Patton West adopted some of the bad practices she learned at The Robert Jaffe School for Energy Mastery, itself a cult, when creating her own cult which was built around her self-proclaimed divinity. Below, is an excerpt from a website entitled ‘Cult Education Institute’by following the link you can review statements given by those who escaped from that cult. Here is an excerpt from one ex-cult member.


The Rishi, Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Devra Adi Maa, Omniawakening,


In the group we were urged to adopt Islam as our religion. I took that seriously and set about learning the five times-a-day prayers, etc. I became extremely straight-laced and wore a scarf on my head as much as possible, since I was told I needed to protect against astral beings. On top of following Islamic practices, we were given a number of Sufi practices, such as chanting in Arabic thousands of times each morning and evening. It was quite time-consuming. And we were often asked to participate in costly events and give sizable donations to the group. [Ex-members of Devra West’s cult will know this happened regularly to them.] We were told that all sorts of things were "against God". Things like Reiki healing, which I had been involved in for some years. Over time I would learn that homosexuality and eastern religions were also "against God". By then, I had become quite disgusted with all that was being asked of me and I wrote an email to Dr. Jaffe announcing that I was leaving the path. Jaffe responded months later and threatened that I could become sick and die from something like cancer for leaving. That did not happen. Instead, I discovered some years later that Jaffe's own wife got ill with cancer and died from it. [Ex-members of West’s cult who went public will know about sudden deaths and threats of murder.]


The Rishi, Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Devra Adi Maa, Omniawakening,

Above:  The occult (hidden) knowledge that Patton West acquired at the Robert Jaffe School for Energy Mastery, gave psychopath Patton West two things. 1. A hidden weapon not recognized under legal statute as a weapon (a license to kill with impunity).  2. An education on how to form and run a cult using occult knowledge to dazzle the sheeple and then control them.


After completing the course, Patton West declared herself to be an Ascended Master and that anyone not agreeing was ‘blocking the energies.’ It is obvious from her actions (Ye shall know them by their fruits) that Devra West, with the full cooperation of her husband Jack West, used the occult (hidden) knowledge she had acquired, not for the good of humanity, but to leverage her life long criminal tendencies.  Whether criminality or insanity came first is up for debate, however, it is said that a leopard cannot change its spots.  It is clear that Devra West could not change hers either, as is borne out by the information we have compiled on this website which can be found on the following web pages.  The Fake Bio, The Lies, The Crimes, The Narcissist, Evidence of Insanity, Fake Miracle Cures, Fake Career Opportunities and Fake Testimonials.


In summary, Patton West, a brilliant, powerful, manipulative, delusional psycho/sociopath and someone who was willing to do whatever to achieve her ends had acquired a license to kill using a ‘weapon’ that is not recognized as a weapon under legal statute.


Further, because her criminal business model was disguised as a quasi-religious organization her lies and propaganda, that she uses to suck in victims, appears to be ‘protected’ under religious freedom laws.


In Patton West, we have someone who prior to 1990 was a drug addict / drug dealer, a bankrupt and a small time con artist and who, post 1991, declared herself to be a minor deity.  And, totally mirroring the behavior she learned at the Robert Jaffe School for Energy Mastery, formed a personality cult around herself. And just as in the Jaffe School, those inside her cult were subject to a strict code of discipline and forced to fundraise and make large donations to fund her expensive lifestyle. And, just as we learned from the witness statement above where Robert Jaffe threatened death to his ex-student who left his cult, Devra West is known to use the exact same strategy against those members of her own cult who oppose her, go public about her criminality or who refuse to empty their bank accounts into hers in a timely manner.  Indeed in 2002, Devra West’s then husband told the whistleblower John Watson that those who opposed his then wife had a habit of dying suddenly.


We throw light on Patton West’s secret weapon that has facilitated her 28 year reign of terror which includes multiple murders and innumerable counts of theft, fraud, extortion and mental and physical abuse.  Go to ‘The Crimes’ page for details.


Knowledge of the occult has been around for countless millennia.  Civilizations have come and gone but the spirit world remains and endures.  Countless Shaman around the planet use the occult (hidden) knowledge for the good of their tribes and the health and welfare of their communities.  This knowledge is normally only available to highly evolved spiritual beings like the Buddha or Jesus Christ or other adepts who have spent a lifetime adhering to various spiritual disciplines such as meditation and yoga.  Jesus reputedly used the knowledge to heal the sick and turn water into wine.  Very occasionally though someone, through the copious use of banned substances, is able to break through a barrier that was put there to stop the unworthy accessing that knowledge which, in the wrong hands, can be very, very, dangerous.


Devra Patton West is not the only one to use occult knowledge in pursuit of money, fame etc.  Below is a headline from a UK newspaper about ‘John of God’ who could be said to be Patton West’s Brazilian counterpart.


The Rishi, Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Devra Adi Maa, Omniawakening,

Above: Brazilian black magician / occult master ‘John of God’ whose motivation is sex and power over the lives of others.  Devra Patton West’s motivations are money and control over the lives of others.  Both use the occult to convince their followers that they are acting for God or a higher power.  That higher power is Satan.  As Jesus said ye shall know them by their fruits.



The similarities between these two con artists is quite startling. Both use their knowledge of the occult to hoodwink the public into believing that their criminal racketeering business models are organizations dedicated to healing, enlightenment and humanitarian good causes, when in reality, they are both card carrying Satanists who are dedicated to mentally and physically abusing their victims while enriching themselves financially. They are both Narcissists.


The Rishi, Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Devra Adi Maa, Omniawakening,


Their respective ‘worshippers’ / cult members, many dressed in white, smile for the group photo.


The Rishi, Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Devra Adi Maa, Omniawakening,


Follow the link below to read an in depth analysis of ‘John o God’ another occultist criminal who portrayed himself as a ‘messenger’ from God.


Comparison between Devra West and John of God’s use of the occult to underpin organized crime and murder whistleblowers.


As stated above occult knowledge has been around forever and accessed by the few.  In recent times many so called magicians have started to appear in public. The magic is not that they are magicians but that they are being assisted by demonic entities to achieve ‘magical’ tricks that no human could possible achieve.  To review some of the best practitioners I suggest you watch the series Demon Magicians and maybe start with some recommendations below.


Demon Magicians (ARM THROUGH FISHTANK) Cyril + Ahmed El-Bayed

Yif Magic: Fruit Transposition

Yif Magic - Water to Wine

Yif Magic - IPhone through Water Bottle & Self-Open Soda Can


My point is this.  These talented individuals are using demonic entities to transport matter from one condition to another – amongst other things.  They appear to be doing a form of entertainment, so no harm appears to be done especially as many of their audience are left totally amazed.  Now imagine a totally deranged individual in possession of those capabilities.  This is what you have with Patton West; a criminally insane narcissist who uses occult knowledge not to entertain but to prey on all who come into contact with her.


Recently, western technology has caught up with the spiritual world and come to the understanding that we live in an electro / magnetic reality and that all is frequency.  A recent article, accidentally released by the government, shows that it is able to wield many of the weapons that black magicians like Patton West are able to use against their victims.


Government Accidentally Releases Documents on “Psycho-Electric Weapons” which were mistakenly sent to a journalist.  


A news article by David Grossman April 19 2018.


The government has all kinds of secrets, but only a true conspiracy theorist might suspect that "psycho-electric weapons" are one of them. So it's odd that MuckRock, a news organization that specializes in filing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests with state and federal government bodies, received mysterious documents about mind control, seemingly by accident. Journalist Curtis Waltman was writing to the Washington State Fusion Center (WSFC), a joint operation between Washington State law enforcement and the federal government to request information about Antifa and white supremacist groups. He got responses to the questions he asked, but also a file titled “EM effects on human” Inside, where documents like this:-


The Rishi, Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Devra Adi Maa, Omniawakening,


Some of the effects of the use of Psych-Electronic weapons.




While the military / CIA have had these weapons for just a few decades shaman (which is what Patton West trained to become between 1990 & 1991) have had the knowledge for millennia.  However like a knife which can be used for good or ill occult (hidden) knowledge can also be used for good or for ill.  In the hands of someone who is criminally insane (as Patton West obviously is) this knowledge is invariably used both for personal gain and for self-aggrandizement.   


The Rishi, Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Mataji, Devra Adi Maa, Omniawakening,

Above: Patton West a criminally insane narcissist who believes that her use of occult (hidden) knowledge to commit financial crimes, violent crimes and murder (and get away with it for the past 28 plus years) makes her a minor deity.



Below is a list of some of the attacks (that we have previously published) that the whistleblower says he, his wife and children have suffered at the hands of Patton West these past 13 years, since December 2006.    We have no doubt that these attacks have been used against many other victims including two of Patton West’s ex-daughter in laws (see below)!


1. Migraine headaches that start with the scalp burning such that the victim has to apply a cold wet towel to the head to stop the burning sensation.  These migraines are so bad that the victims have to take pain killers for days until the pain subsides only to be targeted again and again. 

2. Acid reflux attacks that continue for months causing one to have to take powerful drugs to stop their stomachs digesting itself.

3. Sinuses constantly running.  When I say running I mean that one has to walk around with a cup in one’s hand to drain the sinuses into.

4. Excruciating muscle pain in the legs like cramps on steroids. 

5. Extreme back ache such that one could never get comfortable except when lying down in bed.


The Rishi, Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Mataji, Devra Adi Maa, Omniawakening,

Above: Patton West works with demonic entities that she employs mainly at night (a moving target is harder to hit) to visit nightmares, banshee screams, illness injury and in the whistleblower’s case murder upon the target.  All done with plausible deniability and used countless times over the past 28 years.


6. Attacks to the genitals.  This form of violent attack seems to have been directed at all members of the family simultaneously.  A clear sign that the whole family was under attack came when different family members separated by hundreds, in one case thousands of miles, acquired the same symptoms on the same day!

7. Targeting my heart was, and still is, a favorite target of West’s.  These attacks gave me the feeling that a stake was being repeatedly pushed into my heart.  13 years ago when these attacks started this was quite worrying however 13 years later I have learned to ignore these attacks in the knowledge that if Ms. West had been able to kill me she would have done so long ago.  Long term effects unknown.

8.  The Feb / Mar / Apr 2018 long term attack was against my right ankle.  Long story short while I slept the pain built up in my right ankle and when I get up it was painful to walk.  Throughout the day the pain subsided somewhat (a moving target is harder to hit) but overnight the occult thief / suspected serial killer works on it again.

9.  While employed in 2017 my right knee and ankle were targeted simultaneously; these attacks continued for several weeks and everyone at my place of work noticed that I was limping for weeks.  Eventually Devra West must have got bored or whatever spell / software / visualization she was using wore out.  Perhaps she just moved on to another target.

10. A sudden spate of nose bleeds.  I never get nose bleeds I do not have high blood pressure and yet in 2017 I suddenly had seven or eight in quick succession all within a month.  Part of West’s strategy is to try and frighten the target into submission by having them believe the attacks, especially the attacks to the heart and head, might prove fatal.  Having been a marine I do not scare easily and certainly nose bleeds are not going to ruffle my feathers.


The Rishi, Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Mataji, Devra Adi Maa, Omniawakening,

Above: Patton West makes no secret of her use of the occult and nor does her ex-husband Jack West, who in March 2002 warned John Watson that those who opposed his wife had a habit of dying suddenly.  How many extra judicial killings have there been?


11. One of the attacks Devra West uses regularly is against our digestive systems.  Like all the other attacks this variety of violent assault is preceded by a loud hissing. Within minutes whatever we have in our stomachs starts gurgling loudly, followed by severe stomach pains (gas) then diarrhea.  Even after eating the blandest of food, upon hearing the hissing my wife and I would both know what came next.

12.  Another favorite attack of Devra Patton West’s, also proceeded by a loud hissing, is where one’s energy is drained, to the point of wanting to go to sleep.

14.Attack to one or both eyes.  This felt like someone was pushing a needle through the eye.

15. Irrespective of what region of the body Devra West is targeting there is always the sleep deprivation.  This has been consistent throughout the 13 years and commented on by other victims including West’s neighbor in Flathead Lake Michelle Fetveit who got into a water dispute with West.  I interviewed Michelle in 2007 and sure enough she remarked about being woken up at 3.00 am each morning.

16.Nightmares, screaming banshee sounds, voices in one’s head foretelling imminent death.  All evidence that Devra Patton West is working with demonic entities who are carrying out her bidding.

17.As with Brazilian counterpart ‘John of God’ the ability to produce ‘supernatural effects and adversely affect electrical appliances, computers etc. via demonic entities acting as proxies for the black magicians.


For the benefit of the FBI, police and the residents of Sedona & Scottsdale (that Patton West is currently targeting) we will share how Patton West has used this knowledge to silence those who oppose her, intimidate victims and witnesses to crimes she has committed and how she subverts court cases brought against her.


The Rishi, Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Mataji, Devra Adi Maa, Omniawakening, 

Above left to right: Patton West an occult killer masquerading as a guru and some of her victims.  Lisa Swidler murdered, Marion Cantwell threatened with murder. Dr. Pat Cole MD; Patton West heard planning her murder but reprieved after paying $1.3 million.  John Watson the victim of attempted murder and when that failed a conspiracy to bankrupt him.


For a detailed analysis of how much crime has been facilitated by Patton West’s use of occult knowledge, please go to The Crimes page.  Below, we give some examples of how her criminality has been substantially leveraged by having a ‘hidden’ weapon that the police and the law courts do not recognize as a weapon.


Murder Victims.  According to Patton West’s ex-husband Jack West, those who oppose his wife had a habit of dying suddenly.  The facts seem to bear out his comments.


Lisa Swidler.  In 2005 ex-student Lisa Swidler died suddenly and mysteriously of internal bleeding, shortly after trying to escape from Patton West’s cult.  Lisa was witness to Patton West defrauding student Dave Kushner out of $30,000 and Patton West kidnapping, falsely imprisoning and extorting tens of thousands of dollars from student Marion Cantwell.  We do not know how many victims Patton West has murdered, as each victim’s death would appear to the coroner as a death resulting from ‘natural causes.’


The Rishi, Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Mataji, Devra Adi Maa, Omniawakening,

Above: Center: Patton West a narcissist occult killer who has embedded herself within spiritual communities in New Mexico, Montana and now Arizona.  Patton West’s online persona is a total fantasy but she is confident that she can intimidate, make ill, injure or murder anyone who challenges her version of reality with the truth.


Attempted Murder.  We do not know how many victims Patton West has tried and failed to murder, but we do have one well documented attempt on the life of a victim of fraud at her hands who turned whistleblower after he and his family became the target of a campaign of occult violence from Patton West.  


John Watson.  Patton West used her occult knowledge to attempt to murder John Watson and when that failed launched a campaign of occult ‘under the radar’ violence against Watson, his wife and children that continues to this day. 


Devra Patton West, The Rishi, Rishi Devra,

Above: Patton West works with evil demonic entities (see demon magician’s videos linked on this page) to carry out attacks whose objective is to intimidate via illness or injury or to silence victims by murdering them.  Distance makes no difference.  For this reason those in her cult are obedient, compliant and live in fear while Patton West masquerades as a ‘divine being.’


Waking up from a troubled sleep, the whistleblower found he could not breathe and felt like there was a heavy pressure on his chest. It was as though a very heavy person was sat on his chest. For what seemed an eternity, the whistleblower struggled to take a breath and eventually, through sheer will power, managed to break the spell. The whistleblower knew for sure that Devra West, employing the demonic entities that she had contracted, tried to kill him in his sleep. Had she succeeded, his death would have been ruled ‘death by natural causes’ just as his friend Lisa Swidler’s had been in 2005, two years earlier.


Senior cult / criminal gang member Geoffrey Reynolds CPA, was obviously briefed by Patton West about her plot to murder Watson.  Because Reynolds was so sure that Patton West would be able to successfully murder Watson (and get away with it) he announced Watson’s impending murder to the press days before Patton West made her attempt.  Had Reynolds been briefed by Patton West about previous murders?  Lisa Swidler’s in 2005 for instance?    


The Rishi, Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Mataji, Devra Adi Maa, Omniawakening,

Above: In 2007 Geoffrey Reynolds CPA told a Montana newspaper that John Watson would be dead within 12 months or in jail for reacting to what Patton West was going to do to him and his family.   A few days later Patton West made a failed attempt on Watson’s life and commenced a campaign of occult attacks against Watson and his family just as Reynolds predicted.



Threats of Murder.  There are two well documented cases of Patton West threatening her students with murder; one being Dr. Pat Cole MD and the other being Marion Cantwell. Although Patton West sent an email to her office manager saying it was a good day to die


Dr. Pat Cole MD.  Patton West’s vicious assault of Dr. Pat Cole MD is carried extensively in the Whitefish Pilot and Bigfork Eagle newspapers as well as emails sent to the whistleblower john Watson by Rebecca West one entitled ‘Help Me’ and another entitled ‘I’m in Danger.’  A further email was sent by John Mark Young to the police and perhaps most importantly, a report sent to the authorities by employee Carlida Finch who overheard Patton West talking about murdering pat Cole MD.


The Rishi, Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Mataji, Devra Adi Maa, Omniawakening, 

Above: A moronic narcissist who believes that she will never be called to account for multiple murders and a crime spree spanning 28 years or more since 1991.  This idiot was overheard saying that as an enlightened being she could as easily spend the rest of her life in a 6’ X 6’ jail cell as a $6,000,000 mansion, if caught murdering Dr. Pat Cole MD.  Days after this dangerous psychopath made this statement, the police were called after a serious assault by Patton West on Dr. Pat Cole MD.



Patton West successfully extorted $1.3 million from Dr. Pat Cole MD and, because of the ‘liars for hire’ (Reynolds & Williams chief amongst them) that she mobilized as fake witnesses Patton West was found guilty of misdemeanor assault and fined $500 and given a 6 month suspended jail sentence.  Follow these links to read the April 2008 Whitefish Pilot news article announcing Patton West’s conviction and the court documents evidencing her conviction.


Marion Cantwell.  Marion was a student of Patton West’s who after selling her home was kidnapped, held captive and beaten by Patton West in 2005 until she agreed to make a large donation of many thousands of dollars to Patton West.  Dave Kushner, himself a victim of fraud at Patton West’s hands also in 2005, to the tune of $30,000, relayed to the whistleblower John Watson what happened to Marion Cantwell.  John Watson was to get confirmation from another source and verification of what had happened to Marion Cantwell, when two years later, Marion’s new employer in California contacted John Watson via his website to discuss what had happened to Marion.  The employer, who had obviously searched the internet for any mention of Marion, wanted to know that Marion was the victim of crime as detailed on Watson’s website and in no way a perpetrator of crime.  John Watson was to confirm Marion’s status as one of scores of victims of crime at the hands of Patton West.

Devra Patton West, The Rishi, Rishi Devra,

Above: The sickly smile of an incredibly evil person.  A narcissist who realizes that after 28 plus years of thieving, defrauding, extorting money from and mentally and physically abusing the members of her cult the sheeple still believe the bullshit and propaganda about her being a Teacher, the Divine Mother and the Western Regent. 


Violent Assaults Administered over Distance.  In addition to the sudden and suspicious death of student Lisa Swidler, who died shortly after trying to escape the cult, there have been a number of documented examples of violent assaults against ex-cult members who went public about Patton West’s criminal racketeering business model.  Ex-personal secretary Diane Stoner, upon leaving Patton West’s employ in 2003, delivered a computer disc full of files to then whistleblower.  Shortly afterwards Diane, who had moved away from Montana to New York, suffered a fracture to her hip while walking down a sidewalk.  Similarly after ex-housekeeper Tania Hurley provided the whistleblower with a written statement suggesting Patton West was mentally ill Tania was suddenly taken into hospital with suspected kidney failure. 


This explains why in 2005 when ex-cult member Mike Hendrickson was defrauded out of $200,000 he chose to do nothing.  This is why when ex-cult member Marion Cantwell was kidnapped, held captive and beaten until she agreed to ‘donate’ tens of thousands of dollars from the sale of her home to Patton West she too walked away empty handed.  This is why when ex-student Dave Kushner was defrauded out of $30,000 he too walked away with nothing.  All three knew they would be the subject of occult ‘under the radar’ violence and possibly murdered.


Trials, Court Cases and Custody Hearings Subverted and Witnesses Intimidated.  When forced to appear in court herself, as has happened many times as the defendant in fraud related lawsuits, or on behalf of her son Chris Haywood, Patton West always uses her occult weapon to undermine the judicial process.  She does this by targeting hostile witnesses, counsel for the defense and even the judge presiding over the case though the latter two may be oblivious of the fact that they are being manipulated.


Jamie Haywood.  Days before appearing in court on July 12 2007, Jamie Haywood contacted the whistleblower John Watson via his website asking for help.  Her email can be read by going here.  Her testimony as given in court on July 12 2007, can be read by going here and scrolling to pages 119 & 120.  In both her email and the statement she gave in court, Jamie Haywood referred to the fact that she and her infant baby were the subject of a campaign of occult attacks by Patton West who hoped to intimidate Jamie Haywood into giving up her infant daughter to Patton West’s porn loving, wife beating son Chris Haywood, who has an FBI record for forgery, substance abuse and traffic violations. 


The Rishi, Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Mataji, Devra Adi Maa, Omniawakening,


Below is an excerpt from Jamie Haywood’s email to John Watson asking for help. The phrase highlighted in red was emphasized by me as it relates to a campaign of occult violence used by Patton West against Chris Haywood’s first wife Kendall.

----- Original Message -----
Luille Nelson
Sent: Sunday, July 08, 2007 11:27 PM
Subject: Another victim/ fighting for my life and my 11 month old daughter!
Hello, my name is Jamie Haywood, Chris Haywood's ex-wife. And Devra West's ex daughter in law. Well actually I am in the middle of the divorce.

I finally found this website and have been searching for you and Pat Cole due to the fact that my daughter and I have been subjected to this nasty woman.
I thought that I was going crazy and thought there was something wrong with my daughter. Until my mother took me to see a true 'guide' and this wonderful woman told me that I had a spell put on me. She then started to test where it was, lo and behold in the left front side of my brain. Yea something to make me go crazy and whatever else!  And that's not all; she also put one in my 11 month old daughter’s internal organs. So this 'guide' took some time and finally removed these wicked spells off of me and my daughter then she told me that I would be protected.


It is clear from Jamie Haywood’s comments that both she and her infant baby were being targeted by Patton West in an attempt to force Jamie into giving up her baby to Patton West’s son Chris Haywood.  On this occasion, in spite of the campaign of occult ‘under the radar’ violence, the many lies given by Patton West, her son Chris Haywood during their testimony and the introduction of ‘liars for hire’ like Geoffrey Reynolds, Patton West and her son lost the case and Jamie Haywood kept her daughter.  I suggest the reader reviews the transcript of the custody hearing to get an idea of just how sordid Patton West’s home life is as compared to the lies, propaganda and bullshit peddled by Patton West and the senior members of her cult / criminal gang.  You can read the transcript by going here to Part 1 and here to Part 2 and here to Part 3.


Kendal Haywood.  A few years prior to the aforementioned custody hearing involving Jamie Haywood, there was another custody hearing involving Chris Haywood’s first wife, Kendall Haywood.  On this occasion, the combination of a ferocious and concerted campaign of occult violence directed at Kendall by Patton West combined with false testimony from Patton West, her son Chris Haywood and a ‘liar for hire’ witness from the cult in the form of Dr. Pat Cole MD, did result in victory for Patton West and her son, Chris Haywood.  Let us spell out the conspiracy mounted by Patton West and her son just to get an understanding of just how evil this woman (and her son) is.


The problem for Patton West and her son Chris Haywood to overcome.  If you read Part 2 of the Jamie Haywood V Chris Haywood custody hearing held in July 2007, you will learn about certain facts that were hidden from an earlier custody hearing held in 2005, regarding Haywood’s first daughter by his estranged wife Kendall Haywood.  Certain key factors that were in play in 2005, which should have been declared to the court but were hidden, only came to light in the second custody hearing in July 2007.  The following are examples of behavior that Jamie Haywood alleged Chris Haywood carried out, which had the court known about, might have resulted in the court making a totally different decision:-


1. Chris Haywood had got his then underage girl friend Jamie pregnant and forced her to have an abortion because it would look bad for him while trying to get custody of his first daughter from his then wife Kendal.


2. Chris Haywood’s uncontrollable violent outburst’ (like mother like son?).  For example while Jamie was heavily pregnant with Chris Haywood’s second child they had a row which resulted in Chris Haywood breaking Jamie Haywood’s nose.  On another occasion, after another row, Chris Haywood forced a heavily pregnant Jamie Haywood out of the car at night intending that she walk home.  Jamie called the police and got a lift home.  In a third example, that illustrates the violent nature of both mother (Patton West) and son (Chris Haywood), they both got into a fight which resulted in Chris Haywood grabbing his mother by the throat and hauling her up against a wall.  Patton West’s response was to lick her son’s face from top to bottom.


3. Chris Haywood’s habit of jerking himself off in the lounge in front of the TV while playing pornography.  According to Jamie this happened even when her girlfriends were visiting and in front of the children.


4. Chris Haywood’s criminal record was declared to the court. 


The Rishi, Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Mataji, Devra Adi Maa, Omniawakening,

Above: How does a wife beating, porn loving husband gain custody of an infant female child from an all American Apple Pie sweet wife?  Simple, if you mother is an occult master.  Target the son’s wife day and night with occult attacks until she thinks she is going crazy.  Then the mother brings in a female doctor, a member of her cult, to diagnose her as such.



How do you get a decent woman and an excellent mother to look like a worse bet than a porn loving wife beating husband with an FBI criminal record?  The solution a massive criminal conspiracy to subvert the custody hearing and, as we say in the UK, pervert the course of justice. 


Part of the conspiracy was to hide the unsavory facts (that we outlined above) about Chris Haywood from the court.  However, a major part of the conspiracy, as with John Watson, and countless other victims before and since, was to subject Kendall to a concerted campaign of occult ‘under the radar’ violence by Patton West.  Remember that in John Watson’s case, senior cult member Geoffrey Reynolds actually announced Watson’s murder to the press in advance but what he also said that Watson would be in jail for reacting to what Patton West was going to do to him and his family.  This is the playbook that Patton West has doubtless used over and over again against her adversaries.  On this occasion, the campaign was intended to so destabilize Kendall’s mental health to such a degree that (as with Jamie Haywood only two years later) she thought she was going crazy.  See the section above referring to Jamie Haywood where I highlighted Jamie’s comments about her thinking she was going crazy! 


Eventually, playing into Patton West’s hands, Kendall sought psychiatric help to try to find out why she was experiencing these physical and psychological conditions.  The psychologist having no experience of the occult, oblivious of what was happening or unaware that it was even possible for someone to do what Patton West was doing, diagnosed Kendall as having psychological problems.  The final nail in the coffin for Kendall was when Patton West wheeled in Dr. Pat Cole MD as a professional witness.  Cole was a senior member of Patton West’s cult and doubtless signed off on a ‘professional statement’ that Patton West wrote.  A favorite tactic with Patton West was to bring forward false witnesses from her cult to make statements.   In Watson’s case, one false witness later recanted her statement admitting that it was false and that she was threatened with the sack unless she did as Patton West directed.  In answer to the question how do you get a court to award a female infant daughter to a porn loving, wife beating son with a criminal record is?  Make the son look a better bet than the wife.  Patton West successfully achieved this in the way we described above.  These tactics have been used by Patton West against countless other victims.


Kendall lost custody of her daughter as a result of a well-funded and organized criminal conspiracy orchestrated by Patton West against her.  As witness AJ White testified, Patton West even stole $80,000 from her charity to fund her son’s legal fees. 


Doctor Pat Cole MD.  In Cole’s case, after bearing false witness against Kendall Haywood, karma came quickly; as in 2006, Patton West got tired of waiting for Cole to empty her bank account into hers so took matters into her own hands by mounting a campaign of both overt and covert violence against Cole.  At the beginning of April 2006, Patton West went too far and after a particularly vicious assault, the police were called and Patton West was charged with assault.  Patton West wrote to her entire mailing list on April 17 in an attempt to justify the assault by asserting that the victim was a Nazi in the WWII death camps in another lifetime.  The missive entitled The Law of Severity on the Path to Purification was, according to Patton West, a channeled message from a long dead Ascended master called El Morya.  The totally non-existent Ascended Masters are Patton West’s get out of jail card, in that when she needs to raise money quickly, low and behold, she gets a message from El Morya telling her to fill her coffers.  Between admitting the assault in April 2006 in writing and when she was convicted in April 2008, Patton West vehemently denied the assault in public.  When the Whitefish Pilot newspaper announced the assault Patton West denied it from her website and mobilized the members of her cult, ‘liars for hire’ Reynolds, Williams, Jack West and others to publish statements of denial from her website.  When she was convicted in April 2008, Patton West published a statement saying that the bogus assault case was dismissed by the courts even though the court documents evidencing her guilt were available for all to see.


Between April 2006 and April 2008, Patton West launched a campaign of occult ‘under the radar’ violence against Dr. Cole MD in an attempt to get her to withdraw her complaint.  Patton West also launched a campaign of occult ‘under the radar’ violence against all the hostile witnesses that had given damning evidence against Patton West in the matter of the assault.  One of those hostile witnesses an employee, Rebecca West (no relation to Devra West), sent a harrowing email in March of 2007 to the whistleblower John Watson entitled ‘Help Me.’ Rebecca was specifically asking John Watson for help with Patton West’s shamanic witchcraft.  Here is an excerpt from Rebecca’s email.


I will not return and subject myself to her violent and abusive behavior! I continue to awaken from a sound sleep (on many occasions) at 3:00 a.m. and last night being one of those nights in which I have the feeling of impending doom, and is the reason I finally really took a look at your website and contacted you.  I need support in how to deal with her shamanic witchcraft.  Can you tell me more?


Michelle Fetveit – Patton West’s neighbor.  At around this time, Patton West got into a water dispute with her neighbor while renting a property in Flathead Lake (which she was soon to be evicted from).  After the neighbor was made aware of the whistleblower, John Watson’s website, she phoned him and agreed to give him an oral statement over the phone.  Apparently, after getting into a water dispute with Patton West, she realized that she was being woken up each morning at 3:00 am.  As a Christian woman she realized that Patton West was targeting her with the occult.


Victims of theft, fraud, extortion and mental and physical abuse.  Visit The Crimes page.


The Rishi, Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Mataji, Devra Adi Maa, Omniawakening,

Above left to right: Narcissist occult killer Patton West, her lies and propaganda apparently protected by religious freedom laws promise Ascension and ‘Effortless Youthing.’  Center: Patton West uses the occult to subdue those she targets and to silence critics.  Above right: Dr. Julio E Williams MD and Geoffrey Reynolds CPA willing accomplices in racketeering and murder.



Senior cult members Dr. Julio E Williams MD & Geoffrey Reynolds CPA are both fully aware that Patton West uses murder as a tool. How else could Reynolds announce Watson’s murder days before Patton West tried to kill him?  Why, after receiving 400 plus emails over the past 3 to 4 years from John Watson complaining about the occult attacks being directed by Patton West against him and his family, has Williams refused to pass them to the police.  Simple. As a 20 year student of Patton West’s, Williams is part of the conspiracy.  For an in depth analysis of their roles in racketeering and murder follow these links.


Dr. Julio E Williams MD – Behind the Respectable Public Facade Williams is a 19 year member of a Dangerous Cult and a willing participant in Racketeering, Organized Crime and Murder.


Geoffrey Reynolds CPA’s role in Devra Patton West’s Cult / Criminal Racketeering Business Model (Focusing on his Complicity to Commit Murder & Criminal Conspiracy)


Over the past 28 years or so, having gotten away with multiple murders and countless acts of theft, fraud, extortion and violent assaults, Patton West has swallowed so much of her own Kool Aide that she actually believes that she is a minor deity. 


The Rishi, Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Mataji, Devra Adi Maa, Omniawakening,

Above: Intimidation and murder is used to suppress the truth.  And as the Nazi’s found out if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it eventually people will come to believe it.  The whistleblower showed these lies for what they were in Montana which is why Patton West, Reynolds and Williams went to such lengths to ‘silence’ him.’



In closing, Patton West has achieved the goal she set for herself some 30 years ago and has carved out a career in crime that most Mafia dons would envy.   Because the weapon she uses is not regarded as a weapon under legal statute, she gets to commit the ‘perfect’ crime time after time.  What criminally insane person would not commit murder after murder if those she killed appeared to have died of ‘natural’ causes?  What psychotic narcissist could resist declaring herself to be the Planetary Regent, who has been preparing to guide humanity for thousands of years knowing that she could silence her critics with total plausible deniability? 


Astronomers use a technique called perturbation to detect the presence of planets they cannot see with a telescope.  Using this technique, astronomers were able to ‘discover’ Uranus, Neptune and Pluto by measuring the amount that the inner planets orbits were perturbed.  My point is this.  If one has a hard time getting one’s head around the occult, then consider this.  How is it is that Patton West was able to commit so many crimes against so many victims and have most of the victims give up and walk away empty-handed, with many of the rest failing to get a conviction?  The victims we know about are the tip of the iceberg.  Consider how it is that someone like Patton West, a pathological liar, has for 28 years or more been able to operate a massive fraud in three western states and not be jailed or even successfully prosecuted in a criminal court.


If one does what astronomers do and look for the hidden explanations as to why this is, as the whistleblower did, one finds out that victims and witnesses are targeted with intimidation, occult hidden ‘under the radar’ violence and if they persist – murder.


The Rishi, Rishi Devra, Devra Patton West, Mataji, Devra Adi Maa, Omniawakening,

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