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First let us define what a narcissist is….

Rishi Devra, Rishi Devra Adi Maa, Devra Patton West,,,

Above left: The criminally insane narcissist is pleased with herself.  There just happened to be a professional photographer out in her garden while she was taking a walk in her fancy dress outfit.  Right: Scores of victims of theft, fraud, extortion, violent assault, at least one murder (perhaps many more), and attempt on the life of the whistleblower and several threatened with murder.  None of it prosecuted.  No wonder she is so pleased.

And here…..

Rishi Devra, Rishi Devra Adi Maa, Devra Patton West,,,

Above:  The pose and the outfit says it all!  A narcissist / occult thief / suspected serial killer who believes that because the occult weapon she has used to commit scores of serious crimes over the past 27 years is not regarded as weapon under legal statute this makes her immune from prosecution and therefore a God.


If one adds the qualities of a psychopath to a narcissist, one gets an arrogant, self-serving, pathological liar who lives in a fantasy world.  Let us now separate out the fantasy from the fact!



Rishi Devra, Rishi Devra Adi Maa, Devra Patton West,,,




Rishi Devra, Rishi Devra Adi Maa, Devra Patton West,,,


What we are saying loudly and clearly is that under the ‘protection’ of religious freedom laws con artist and violent convicted ‘criminal’ Devra Patton West, who was chased out of New Mexico in 1995 by one gun wielding victim and obliged to leave Montana in disgrace in 2010, is now using a third fake identity to target spiritual seekers in Sedona and Scottsdale AZ.  Wire and mail fraud are the least of her crimes but if one visits her current website you’ll see that she asking for single donations of up to $500,000 based on a totally false identity, based on a pack of lies.

Rishi Devra, Rishi Devra Adi Maa, Devra Patton West,,,

Nowhere in her fake bio / life story will you find mention of her conviction (see above) for assaulting local female physician Dr. Pat Cole MD (while successfully extorting $1.3 million from her).  Nowhere in her fake bio / life story will you find mention of the many news articles published in Montana that set out her criminal activities in that state.  For details please review the Whitefish Pilot newspaper article published on 12 July 2007, the Bigfork Eagle newspaper article published on 9 August 2007 and the Ravalli Republic news article published on 2 October 2008.


Rishi Devra, Rishi Devra Adi Maa, Devra Patton West,,,

Using the same ‘well-oiled’ criminal racketeering business model that was refined in New Mexico and Montana between 1991 & 2010, Devra Patton West arrives in Arizona in 2011 and as if by magic, the ‘MENACE OF MONTANA’ is transformed into:-





With millions of dollars acquired from decades of organized crime, narcissist occult thief Devra Patton West is well able to afford to create her own ‘Hollywood’ production.  An expensive property for her ‘palace,’ a lavish wardrobe filled with Greek Goddess / Guru outfits, unlimited funds for stage managed photo shoots of the narcissist prancing around in her garden as though manipulating the elements?  And to top it all off, a hundred thousand dollars or more for an expensive website which brings all the lies and propaganda together and packages it to the public as truth!


As with New Mexico and Montana, her delusions will only hold water until it became obvious to the adoring sheeple sat at her feet that the ‘bill of goods’ Devra West is selling is false, that the Empress has no clothes, that she is not a guru but an occult con artist, a violent convicted criminal and potentially a serial killer. What follows are four excerpts from a conversation the whistleblower recorded while in a meeting with Devra Patton West in March 2003 when the con artist was calling herself the Ascended Master Devra Ji.  Listen to Devra West make these statements in her own voice and ask yourself if this is a guru or a dangerous psychopath masquerading as a guru?




You can learn a lot about a person by listening to what they have to say when they think no one else is listening to them, as is the case above. In October 2009, Devra Patton West was deposed by the whistleblower’s lawyer. This was done in an attempt to find out what happened to the millions of dollars she stole from her Victor MT charity. During the statement which Ms. West gave under oath, she makes it clear that she is $2,000,000 in debt, that Geoffrey Reynolds CPA is the financial mastermind and that she is living in an RV in the back of his garden. A few short weeks after she gave this statement, she moved into a $7,000 per month gated mansion in Cave Creek AZ where she reincarnated herself from penniless debtor to wealthy Planetary Regent. You can read her statement, given under oath (so it must be true!) by following this link.
For even more information about Devra Patton West’s sordid private life, follow this link to the testimony her daughter-in-law gave against her in court on July 12, 2007.


So you have above Devra Patton West’s spoken words, you have her testimony given under oath to the whistleblower’s lawyer and you have the testimony of her daughter-in-law, plus several newspaper articles mentioned above. Which is the real Devra Patton West? The delusional narcissist prancing around in her garden, dressed up as a Greek Goddess or the dangerous psychopath who, using Occult knowledge preys on Spiritual seekers for the purpose of massaging her own ego and lining her financial nest?

For details about the REAL Devra Patton West, visit other pages on this website; particularly the ‘legal page,’ the ‘newspaper page’ and the ‘crimes page.’


Rishi Devra, Rishi Devra Adi Maa, Devra Patton West,,,

Of course she could not carry out the great deceit without the help of accomplices.  These come in two forms:-


1. There are the servants and hand maidens that sit at her feet, holding a boxes of tissues and bottles of water.  This is all part of the theatre which includes her clothes, her ‘throne’ and the carefully chosen music, all designed to create the illusion that she is a substantial person and not a narcissist occult thief.


2. Then there are the accomplices, the senior members of her cult who know what is really going on.  They know about the thieving, the defrauding, the victims of extortion, the mental and physical abuse of victims, the intimidation of victims and witnesses to the crimes West commits and they know about the murders.  Below are a brief description of the three senior most members of Devra West’s cult.


Geoffrey Reynolds CPA.



Rishi Devra, Rishi Devra Adi Maa, Devra Patton West,,,

Reynolds distinguished himself during the eight years he was associated with Devra Patton West’s criminal racketeering business model.  Here is a short list of his ‘achievements’ during that time.  In 2006, he money- laundered $463,000 that Devra West extorted from Dr. Pat Cole MD; he published four statements on West’s website denying that West had viciously assaulted Dr. Cole MD while at the same time, frantically trying to force down West’s written admission that she had assaulted Dr. Cole MD from the whistleblower’s website. He was complicit in Devra West’s 2007 plot to murder the whistleblower, John Watson, and when that failed, he jointly conspired with Devra West to extort $10,000,000 from the whistleblower.  Reynolds’ part in the conspiracy was to make totally false statements to a Montana court. However, at the time of his pleadings to the court, statements published on his own website made it clear that he was lying to the court!  Motive for murder and attempts to bankrupt the whistleblower?  While his websites were up, Devra Patton West’s criminal racketeering business model was dead in the water as no one would believe the ‘divine’ being routine if there was a mountain of evidence to show she was a dangerous criminal.


For more on Geoffrey Reynolds visit the page dedicated to him on this website.


Dr. Julio Williams MD.




Rishi Devra, Rishi Devra Adi Maa, Devra Patton West,,,


While Geoffrey Reynolds CPA was / is totally corrupt and completely lacking a moral compass Dr. Julio Williams MD is probably totally brainwashed and conditioned by Devra West to do as she tells him.  That said, Williams grew up in the Dominican Republic where one of the official religions is Voodoo, so imagine the delight of Williams when he got to join a Satanist cult run by a fair haired witch who works with demonic entities!  Devra West shamelessly uses Dr. Williams’ perceived respectability as a physician and thoracic surgeon to promote herself as a healer.  Indeed, Williams rented a property close by where West lived and used it as a venue for her to sell ‘Divine Grace Healings’ at $500,000 a pop.


Imagine being a dangerous con artist selling fake healings and having your own qualified doctor / surgeon on hand in a property he rented for the purpose of helping her con sick people out of their life savings?  It does not get much better than that does it?!  Williams is used by West to market her various fund raising drives which includes one for the ‘divine feminine – this is somewhat of a joke as Devra West has a history of viciously assaulting the female members of her cult.  Susannah Felder being partially scalped in 2001, Beatrice McGuire needing plastic surgery in 2002 and last but not least, Dr. Pat Cole MD who in 2006 was repeatedly hit over the head with the heel of West’s shoe until blood ran down her blouse.  This was part of a campaign of violence by Devra West aimed at separating Dr. Cole MD from her $1.3 million fortune, which West succeeded in doing at the cost of a 6 month suspended jail sentence and a $500 fine!


Williams’ response to a fellow physician being viciously assaulted and robbed of every penny she had was to publish a statement of support for his cult leader, Devra West, on her website and to donate $100,000 to her good causes (herself).


For more on Julio Williams MD visit the page dedicated to him on this website.


Ex-husband Jack West


Rishi Devra, Rishi Devra Adi Maa, Devra Patton West,,,


Not much to say about Jack West except as the longest serving member of the cult / criminal gang jack West was heavily involved in defrauding the Victor MT charity out of several million dollars.  His role is to meet, greet and circulate amongst potential recruits to the cult to see who is wealthy, who has influence and who could be used as low paid or no paid labor.  This well-oiled criminal racketeering business model has not changed in nearly three decades and why should it?  Devra West’s obvious lies are ‘protected’ by religious freedom laws and her occult ‘weapon’ amounts to a license to kill with impunity so if it isn’t broken don’t fix it!


Since 1991 Devra West’s guru / cult / extortion business model has netted tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars for the many ‘good causes’ she has espoused but there is zero proof that even a single dollar has gone to the projects that she pressured members of her cult to fund raise for.  Indeed in 2002, the whistleblower John Watson found out that Devra & Jack West were defrauding their charity out of hundreds of thousands of dollars and when the charity was struck off the register in 2004, Devra West stole the charity’s assets worth several million, hiding most in a ‘lock up’ until the statute of limitations passed.  These assets suddenly appearing in 2014.


When his ex-wife’s violence escapes the cult, Jack West can also be relied upon to provide his ex-wife statements of denial such as he did in 2001, with Devra West’s assault on Susannah Felder and in 2007 with Devra West’s assault on Dr. Pat Cole MD.


For more on Jack West visit the page dedicated to him on this website.